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The Official Website of musical artist, Matthew Ide

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In his own words...

I've been singin' since the day my mama knew I could, when she forced me to sing against my will.  There were long cold dessertless nights that I spent locked in my room with my hands duct taped to a toilet paper tube as a makeshift microphone because I refused to practice a song I was supposed to sing the following Sunday morning in church.  I heard awful noises; "Was that a coyote?"  Nope, just mama running the vacuum cleaner.  I emerged from those days a stronger boy, one who was able to harmonize at age 7, one who was still deathly afraid to stand in front of an audience, sometimes convulsing uncontrollably, always belting my heart out.  I tried to escape my destiny and bury my talents in sports but it proved unfruitful, as did my attempts with art.  I even tried playing instruments but the voice always won, it was futility.  I felt like Rudolph, minus the talking snowman as a story narrator and the ability to fly.   


When high school arrived I felt I finally made it, but once again my number was called, I was found out, the spotlight was on me like a failed prison break;  I became a choir boy, then a dancing choir boy, then a musical actor.  First I hung my head, then I embraced my calling.  I picked up the guitar, then I learned how to play one.  Then I put my poetry to music, thoughts to melodies, strings to cheese and picks to noses.  This was where I wanted to be, but the fear remained and it would for quite sometime.  There was never a performance that I was calm about or an audience I felt at ease with unless the lights were low and I heard the faint sound of a vacuum cleaner in the distance. 


It took me till the age of 29 to feel loose behind a microphone, and even then with some reservation.  But now, with the help of a kazoo I have climbed the mountain and most of my fears are beneath me, and even when they do creep up, you probably can't see them from the audience.  Turn on the music and let me go.  I am free.  I am a child of The King.  I am a coyote!